Murphy was born April of 2015. From a early age Murphy showed signs of allergies, constantly itching, chewing and full of red spots. We started to play around with his food trying brand after brand with no results. Around 6 months of age we started analyzing and researching dog food and what we found was shocking. Sub par high priced kibble and treats with flashy packaging was all that was sold at most pet stores. From here we formulated a home made food for Murphy. This gave us 100% control of everything in his diet. Within weeks his allergies were gone! 
It did not take us long to start making Murphy all his treats as well. He loved them and so did his four legged friends. People would ask all the time "Where did you buy those? My dog loves them"....Murphy's Treats was born.
Everything is single ingrediant 100% al natural. No fillers, additive or preservatives. All local sourced meat! We pride ourselves in helping local farms and butchers ensure every prized animal part is used. 
We hope your fur babies like our product as much as Murphy does!